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Waiting Room Confidentiality : Reception Desks

Following feedback from our Patient Survey & PPG, concerns were raised regarding patient confidentiality at our front reception desks.

In view of this feedback,  we will no longer have a staff member sitting at the main front reception area.  Patient Services Team will answer telephone calls away from the front reception desk,  in order to aide patient confidentiality.

Going forward, Patient Services Team will also request patient consent to discuss matters at the front reception desk if there are other person(s) in the Waiting Room or waiting queue.

If you need to check in for your appointment please use the Self Check In Machines situated by the front entrances.

There will be a notice &  ‘Call Bell’ available on both sites front reception desks.  Patient Services staff will attend the front desk if the ‘Call Bell’ is activated.

The changes will take place as follows:-

  •  Monday 12th August 2019 –  Hartfield
  • Monday 19th August 2019 – Groombridge