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Patient survey and results

Patient Participation Group ​Summary of 2017/18

Patient Survey Results


​Our practice results show a good correlation with the national mean and similar size practice mean. The results also show a correlation with our previous practice surveys.

​The survey concluded that patients have a high regard for the Practitioners and although marginally down from 2012 the results rate well.

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​The low score against waiting time may in some respects support the high score for the Practitioners because they devote sufficient time to resolving patients’ problems rather than adhering to the 10 minute appointment slot.

​It is likely that the change in opening hours at Groombridge Surgery has impacted on the results (though a subjective observation).

​There were some comments and concerns about waiting-room confidentiality, and face to face contact at Reception.

The Practice agreed the following action points with the PPG based on their recommendations which follow; –

1. Review the layout of the Hartfield waiting-room area to improve confidentiality.

Response by the Practice – we have redesigned the layout of the waiting room incorporating a sign for patients requesting that they wait to be called to the desk by the receptionist who may be with a patient or on the telephone.

2. Improve information for patients

Response by the Practice – we have updated our Practice Leaflet, are using our website to update patients, and have installed a sponsored television screen in the waiting room which provides visual health promotion information and messages for patients about opening hours, bank holiday arrangements etc.

3. A recommendation for further training for the Patient Services Team (PST) .

Response by the Pracitce – we have commissioned a training day in June 2019 for our PST to ‘signpost’ patients to appropriate services

4. A system to advise patients if the doctor or nurse is likely to be running late.

Response by the Practice; – we have posted a message on the waiting room TV screen asking patients to contact Reception if they have been waiting for 20 minutes or more, and have updated existing signage to that effect. We have also asked clinicians to advise our PST of any anticipated delays during appointment sessions so that this can be relayed to patients who are waiting to be seen.


Our PPG will survey patients to ask about the effectiveness of the the actions taken by the Practice in response to the recommendations.