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Medical Education

The Practice is accredited by the GP Deanery of Kent, Surrey and Sussex,as suitable for the training of doctors intending to become general medical practitioners. These doctors are known as GP Registrars and are employed by one of our partners who will act as their trainer.

If you are seeing one of these registrars, you may be assured that she/he is a fully qualified doctor and you can expect the same quality of care from a GP Registrar as you would from your own Doctor. GP Registrars are assessed on their consulting skills by specially appointed assessors who view a video of the Registrars’ consultations. You may be asked to have your consultation recorded for this purpose. If you agree, you will be asked to sign a written consent form. You may be assured that complete confidentiality will be maintained and that the video recording will be used for educational purposes only.
If you have any concerns in this regard, please ask to speak to the Practice Manager who will be pleased to discuss the matter with you.