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About our PPG

Patients: Your views on the workings of this surgery are most welcome.

The Patients Participation Group (PPG) provides a collective independent voice to support the Groombridge and Hartfield Medical Group (GHMG) in meeting the needs of its patients.

How do you become a member of the PPG? It’s easy. All patients  are  members. There is no membership fee or a formal process of joining. Members  are invited to express their views by contacting the officers (see below) and/or attending the Annual General Meeting.

The PPG’s aims are:

  • to gather patient members’ views and discuss them with the GPs and the Practice Manager
  • to maintain a dialogue with the Practice in order to help support an optimum quality of service to patient members
  • to give patient members relevant information to help them maximise their use of GHMP’s and the NHS’s service.

Health information articles are published regularly in the Groombridge “Church and Village” magazine and the “Hartfield and Coleman’s Hatch Chronicle”. Copies of the articles are also available in both surgeries’ waiting rooms.

The PPG’s Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting each March  For contact names PTO.

NB: Please note the PPG is not a channel for concerns regarding  your  or  your family’s individual treatment or service. These should be addressed directly to the Practice.

Contact details for Patients Participation Group(PPG) Committee  members.

Chairman: Tony Howell   01892 860493   [email protected]

Secretary: Lin Eyre  01892 861237   [email protected]

Treasurer: Geraldine Ormonde    01892 770757   [email protected]



Robert Crompton  01892 864488  [email protected]

John Hawkins  01892 864565  [email protected]

Chris Slater  01892 864270    [email protected]



Hilary Rowberry 01892 770478  [email protected]

Elizabeth Shaw 01892 770233    [email protected]

Fiona Storrs 01892 770483  [email protected]

Diana Whitmore  01892 770266  [email protected]

Margaret Williams 01892 770483 [email protected]

Fenella Murray Willis 01892 770780 [email protected]