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Occasionally there are unavoidable delays in supplying some medication due to nationwide shortages and recently there have been increased instances where we have not been able to dispense a prescribed item.

There are many possible reasons why the supply of a medicine might be delayed, including for example:  change of packaging, problems in the manufacturing process, drug recalls due to safety concerns, when a manufacturer limits the quantity of a particular item able to be bought by one dispensing contractor each month to ensure a fair and even distribution across the UK.

There have been concerns raised by the media regarding the supplies of medications when and if the UK leaves the European Union.  We have been assured that there should not be any significant differences once we leave the EU and that there are contingencies in place for temporary stock shortages.

The Department of Health has written to all dispensing contractors instructing them to continue to purchase normally and that extra purchasing/stock piling will cause national stock shortages and any contractor found to be doing so will be investigated.

We would like to reassure our dispensing patients that the Dispensary has access to three major healthcare wholesalers including smaller suppliers which allows the Dispensary to source required medications and therefore would urge all our patients to avoid stock piling/over ordering.

When there is an ongoing stock shortage, we may substitute your normal supply for an equivalent manufacturer or brand; sometimes the item may be changed, in consultation with you, by your GP to another clinically appropriate medicine to ensure continued treatment for your condition.

Your patience and support during periods of supply delays is much appreciated and concerns regarding your medication supplies may be discussed with any member of the Dispensing Team.

Thank you

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