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FLU VACCINE 2021 – Appointments now available for Patients Aged 18- 64 Years

We now have clinics available for patients to book who are in our 18 to 64 year age group and over 65. If you are eligible you would have received communication from the surgery to book your vaccination.

The next  two Flu Clinic dates are as follows & tailored for the following age ranges:-

  • Saturday 6th November 2021           – Eligible Adult under 65 Years only
  • Saturday 20th November 2021         – Eligible Adults ( ALL over 18 years)

You can book these appointments using our Online Booking Service.     If you do not have this access, then please call the surgery after 4pm on 01892 863326 to book your appointment.

If you would like to be able to use our Patient Online Booking Service please contact us for further information.