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Covid Vaccinations – Update 11.01.2021


We are pleased to confirm that a Covid Vaccination programme should (subject to vaccine delivery) start in Crowborough next weekend 16th January 2021.

Please do not contact the practice for an appointment

The Crowborough vaccinations will be at Saxonbury House Surgery in Croft Road, Crowborough,  as only one centre is currently possible in any locality.

There has been a considerable amount of work involved to set up this centre and all the GPs in the locality are working together to enable vaccination as quickly as stocks will allow.

NHSE have given practices a list of priorities for the Vaccination and full details are available at:

We will telephone patients with an allocated appointment time and to explain the process.  As part of that conversation we will ask some questions and  collect some additional information from you to complete the process.

We will not be able to book appointments if you telephone the practice as all our bookings are being arranged by a dedicated team of our staff.

On the day of your Vaccination please do not arrive at Saxonbury House Surgery more than 5 minutes before your appointment time as queuing will be outside because of social distancing.  There is NO opportunity to vaccinate earlier than your appointment time because of the process we have to follow.

Parking will be at the Waitrose Car Park (Thank you to Waitrose for their help) so please allow time to walk from the Waitrose car park.

We can only schedule appointments when we have vaccine delivery dates and we will contact patients as soon as we can.

Thank you for your help.